The benefits of shiplap cladding

Add a Touch of Class to Your Garden Shed With Shiplap Cladding

What exactly is Shiplap Cladding? Shiplap is the generic term for timber cladded boards. The two most common varieties of wood cladded boards are shiplap cladding and logbook cladded boards. If you know the main difference between the two, you will be able to make an educated choice when buying these types of wooden boards.

Shiplap cladding

Logbook Cladding There are several differences between shiplap cladding and logbook cladded wooden boards. One of the main differences is the thickness. A logbook wooden board might not have been created exactly the right thickness and might have been glued or stapled together rather than nailed or screwed together. When a professional fixer uses this type of wood cladded board in a home improvement project, they are using modern technology. They know exactly what the board is made of so that they know how thick or thin it should be.

Another difference between shiplap cladding and logbook cladded boards is that a logbook board is not stable at all. It will easily warp when wet and this can ruin your project. When you use shiplap cladding in a DIY project you are ensuring stability. This means it is much more stable and can last through many years of use before it must be replaced. A DIY project that involves the use of wood is always better with shiplap cladding because the surface will stay much more intact for longer periods. The use of this material is also perfect if you have a farmhouse or cabin in your backyard because the wood will have a natural resistance to rotting.

Choosing the right shiplap cladding

Most people who look for wooden sheds use the shiplap cladding for their garden sheds because this is one of the strongest types of wood available. In addition to being strong, the boards are usually painted with an ever present finish that will resist rotting or water damage. This means that your garden shed will be well protected from the elements for a long time to come. This can extend the life of your wood exterior shed by quite a bit. There are many different styles of shiplap cladding available on the market today. These include paneling, pre-made panels and pre-cut planks that you can order for your shed.

If you plan to paint your shiplap cladding you will need to choose a natural wood color. When you choose a color for your exterior wooden shed you can accent the wood by painting it with a lighter shade of the same color. This can give your exterior shed a much more rustic appearance than if you choose to have a darker stain on the wood. If you already have rough sawn boards sitting around your house then you can use those to help create a nice design and pattern on your shiplap cladding. You can then use this design as a guide to cut your own panels for your exterior wooden shed.

Rustic design shiplap timber

If you need a very rustic design for your shiplap cladding then you should consider buying a log cabin style wooden board. These look fantastic when placed next to a beautiful topiary plant. If you decide to buy a log cabin style board then you will need to make sure that you buy the right sized pieces for your exterior wooden shed. For example you would not want to buy large pieces that are only going to fit on a small shed. Instead you will need to get smaller pieces that will fit comfortably on the space that you have. It is also important to keep in mind that each piece of wood used to cover your shed should be cut according to a specific size.

The main difference between a shiplap cladding and a tongue and groove cladding is that the shiplap will be completely covered by the tongue while the tongue will be free standing. The advantage of both types of sheds is that they will help to prevent rainwater from getting into the building. Unfortunately this isn’t so good for people who like to garden or have a small allotment. Because the roof of this type sheds tend to overlap, rainwater will get under the shingles and pool around the building. Oak flooring can also be used effectively in these types of sheds too.

If you use logjam timber clapping boards it can be a great way of adding a modern and unique touch to your garden shed. These boards tend to be very easy to install and because they are very cheap they don’t cost much to purchase. You can also buy the special glue that will be used to attach them to the underside of the roof. These types of boards are perfect for both exterior and interior use and will give your garden shed a great modern and traditional look.