The Best solid oak flooring and treatment

Solid Oak Flooring – Adds a New Dimension to Your Decor

Solid oak flooring is what it says on the tin – wooden floorboards that are constructed from a single continuous piece of wood, made into boards that have been drilled and shaped to give an impression of solid oak timber. Solid oak floors come in various widths, ranging from 120mm to 200mm wide. The wide varieties are more suited for larger rooms than smaller ones, although some of these wider varieties can be used in any room, large or small. When buying solid oak flooring, it is important to choose the right size board for your requirements.

solid oak flooring

Oak planks are known for their high resistance to moisture and humidity, as well as their capability to resist insect penetration and warping. This is why solid oak flooring has been used in some of the world’s most prestigious homes and public buildings, from the royal courts of Europe to the Royal Wedding in Britain. All this attention to detail must come at a price, however. Because this kind of floorboard comes pre-finished with the right finish, it can often be more expensive than other types of solid oak flooring. Despite this, it is worth the extra expense if you have the planning to paint or refinish in the future, and if you have enough time to complete the work yourself, as solid oak flooring usually requires a minimum of six months of solid work before it is ready for painting or staining.

How much is solid oak flooring?

Underfloor Heating Systems is another reason for opting for solid oak flooring suitable for your home. Many homes are currently installing underfloor heating systems, which are much cheaper and more effective than traditional heating systems and provide a far more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the home. Using underfloor heating means that warm air that has travelled throughout the house does not have to end up being reheated before being released into the living spaces, so it is more comfortable and does not cause any unnecessary heating or cooling bills. Underfloor heating also ensures that your floors remain warm even during the winter months and are very hygienic, as all dirt and dust will be trapped inside the system when it is operating. The benefits of underfloor heating are clear but are often overlooked by homeowners.

Solid unfinished oak flooring are available to purchase in different thicknesses, depending on your needs. The first thing to consider when purchasing your floor is whether you are planning to install the floor in your entire home, just in one room or whether your floorboards are to be installed within a large hallway, or alongside existing flooring. For single piece installation, you can choose the thickness of your solid oak flooring from one to twelve inches; however, if you need to fit it into a large hallway, you should consider opting for an eighteen inch thickness. If you are planning to buy a floor for an entire house, then you should buy the planks that are three inches thick or thicker.

How to treat oak flooring

The next thing that you should check when purchasing your own solid oak flooring, is the quality of the boards that you are buying. The durability of the wood species that you are buying will depend entirely upon how you treat and maintain the floor. For example, cedar is one of the most durable wood species available, but it is also one of the most expensive. Therefore, if you are planning to install a wooden floor heating system within your home, it is essential that you ensure that you get a superior quality board, as the floor will last much longer if it is properly maintained.

Some homeowners like the appearance of solid oak flooring, but would prefer a more budget-friendly option, such as engineered wood. Engineered oak flooring can provide the same level of quality as solid oak flooring, but it is generally less expensive and is usually produced in a standard size planks. You can also have engineered wood custom made to fit your exact dimensions.

If you are on a limited budget for your iroko wood, but still like the idea of wooden floor heating systems within your home, you may want to consider purchasing a solid oak flooring plank that will allow you to save money on the installation costs. In some cases, you can purchase a single, standard sized plank for less than $200. If you are looking for a more unique option, consider checking out online auctions such as EBay. There are many sellers offering solid oak wood planks for ridiculously low prices, and these units often come with a guarantee or warranty.

When choosing solid oak flooring, you must also consider the installation options available to you. Most solid oak flooring plans are classified according to their installation method. For example, you can obtain the planks that are classified according to their installation on a solid surface or timber subfloor. In addition, you can also select planks that are classified according to their use, whether it is for bathroom vanity units bedroom dressing areas, or kid’s play rooms. For example, if you have small children, you can choose a sliding plank that is designed to prevent accidental slips. Generally speaking, all three installation methods will provide you with different levels of difficulty.